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Field And Advisory Services

Quality Control

That ATS 1994 Update recommends that spirometry data collection programs be subject to a Quality Control review program to insure the continued collection of valid data. The program requires a sample of spirometry records be sent to Palmer Associates Inc. Overread Center on a periodic basis for review and evaluation. Consistent procedural errors that invalidate the data can be identified with corrective measures given to that technician. A graphic performance report is sent to each person submitting records. Summary performance records by person and by site are submitted to management. Companies using this service have improved their data quality Success Rates significantly (78.3% to 95.6%).

Equipment Selection

Because of confusing claims and counter claims from equipment manufacturers, it is difficult to make an intelligent selection of appropriate equipment for your corporate needs. PA's advisory service cuts through this fog and provides specific recommendations that are geared to your medical and risk management goals and budgets. Selections are carefully screened to insure they meet Dept. of Labor Law (OSHA) performance specifications. PA is not in the business of selling equipment, so remains unbiased in these assessments.

Consulting & Spirometry Record Over Read Sevices

Palmer Associates can provide spirometry record over reads for respirator medical clearance evaluations.

Have question you need answered? Palmer Associates consulting services on how to get a respirator medical clearance program up and running. With vast experience setting up an onsite company from scratch, we can share our knowledge with you to help you get started.