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Onsite Courses

We work with individual companies to provide customized training on location, using their equipment and addressing their specific needs. When several personnel require this training, it is often more cost efficient to have our instructors come on site rather than having to travel several employees to a scheduled course.

For fit testing Onsite Classes there are:

  1. 1/2 day, 4 hours: Learn in the ins and outs of either Quantitative or Qualitative Fit Testing methods
  2. Full day, 8 hours: Learn both Qualitative and Quantitative Fit testing methods NIOSH Approved Spirometry Training : 2 day course for all Refresher and Initial Students.  Class times from 8am to 5pm both days. 

For more information or to schedule an onsite course contact us.


  • Customized to Your Facility
  • Learn on Your Own Equipment
  • Address Your Specific Needs
  • Cost Effective for Larger Groups