Respirator Fit Testing Training

Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing Training Seminar (1 day)

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Seminar Description:

This one day training seminar will provide Medical and Health and Safety professionals with the knowledge and skill to:

  1. Administer respirator fit tests for both ½ face and full face respirators. Both Quantitative and Qualitative methods will be covered.
  2. Structure and administer a compliant Medical Clearance Evaluation for respirator use and understand what medical conditions preclude the wearing of a respirator. Seminar graduates will understand what is involved with complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134. (1998 Update) in regards to both fit testing and medical clearance evaluations.


The seminar is designed for Medical and Health and Safety professionals who will either be designing or supervising a company Respiratory Protection Program or working with those who already have this responsibility.
Class size is limited to 10 students.

Seminar Objectives:

  1. Understand respirator program requirements as described in 1998 OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134.
  2. Know the required elements necessary to prepare a written Standard Operating Procedure Manual.
  3. Know record keeping requirements.
  4. Understand respirator types (NIOSH APPROVED).
  5. Know OSHA approved Quantitative and Qualitative Fit Testing Procedures.
  6. Understand Medical Clearance Procedures.

1/2 Day Fit Testing Class: Either Qualitative or Quantitative Fit Testing

Seminar Description:

This 1/2 day training will provide medical, health and safety professionals with the knowledge and skill to:

  1. Administer either a qualitative or quantitative fit test.
  2. Troubleshoot poor fits.
  3. Explain inspection of types of respirators.
  4. How to donn and doff respirators.

Design: This seminar is for anyone who will be performing a respirator fit test.

Course Directors:

Lance Anderson, CST, is a former vice president of Fast Response onsite Testing (FROST). In this capacity he managed the mobile test units on site, and conducted spirometry and respirator fit testing. He is a NIOSH approved spirometry practicum instructor, also the course director of the OSHA Respiratory Protection course .He served for 23 years as a firefighter and specialized in respiratory protection for the fire service. He retired as a fire captain.


Kendra Palmer Anderson, BA, CST  is Course Director for Palmer Associates Inc. (PA). As the founder and former president of Fast Response onsite Testing (FROST), she oversaw the OSHA mandated medical examinations on workers and performed spirometry for hundreds of companies. Before that she worked as a certified spirometrist conducting spirometry testing in the field for PA and worked as a NIOSH approved Practicum Instructor for 15 years.


Tuition Fee: $375

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For students who have registered but cannot attend, you can rollover the tuition to another scheduled class or transfer the tuition to another co-worker.

For more information on registration and course information, please phone our office at (831) 239 0422 or contact us by e-mail  to reserve a place in a course.