July 20th-21st, 2020 – NIOSH Spirometry Refresher Course




Course Description:

Hands on training with enthusiastic lectures packed with updated information insuring that this training need not be boring or painful. The course gives you everything you need to know about performing this lung function test correctly, insures data quality and the skills to manage the data effectively. Students learn when the test is indicated, what the results mean, and what OSHA regulations govern its usage. Practice sessions expose the student to a variety of Flow & Volume spirometers, and the pros and cons of each are discussed without bias or endorsements. Those who are shopping for equipment leave with a clear idea of what they want.

The fast moving pace with lots of interaction and individualization makes for wide awake students. A detailed resource spirometry manual is provided with all the what, why, when, where and how of doing the test. Student course evaluations include such comments as: “The best course I’ve ever taken”, “I learned so much and wish I’d taken this sooner”, “It was actually fun and I wish there could be a third day”.

“By taking the spirometry course, I realized it was the best way for me to ensure that I could do my job with integrity and competency. I will continue to participate every three years.”  Cora L.E. Christian, MD, MPH , Medical Director,  Hovensa Oil Company, USVI


The course is designed for physicians, registered nurses, and other health professionals engaged in spirometric testing in both industrial and clinical settings, as well as those involved in the design and implementation of respiratory health screening and/or surveillance programs.

The course utilizes a combination of teaching methods including PowerPoint presentations, videos, lectures and practicum sessions. A final examination is given, consisting of theoretical and practical sessions. Upon successful completion of this 14 hour course, a “certificate of completion” is issued to each student who passes the course.

This course (NIOSH #051) is approved for 20.4 contact hours by the California Bureau of Registered Nursing (CA BRN)

Course Objectives:

  1. Apply the six steps required to perform the spirometry test correctly.
  2. Understand the stimulus-response relationship as it applies to coaching during spirometric testing.
  3. Apply pattern recognition steps in order to identify poor maneuvers and recognize abnormalities.
  4. Categorize data into Obstructive and Restrictive patterns.
  5. Understand how data can be used in trend analysis for company surveillance programs.
  6. Identify the best trial and measure and compute the FEV1, FVC and FEV1/FVC values, apply BTPS correction factors and compare to predicted values.
  7. Apply quality control criteria to determine test validity.
  8. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of both Flow and Volume based spirometry and the modes of spirogram displays used, i.e., Volume-Time and Flow Volume.
  9. Understand and apply spirometer performance specifications when selecting a new spirometer.
  10. Perform a calibration check on a spirometer.
  11. Use appropriate techniques to ensure good hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.
  12. Judge the usefulness of using a Respiratory Symptom Questionnaire as part of the spirometry examination.
  13. Identify those who need a spirometry exam

Why Spirometry Training?

Technicians who perform pulmonary function testing should have the knowledge required to produce meaningful results. Persons who successfully complete the course will be issued a certificate of completion recognized by OSHA. Read more >>

Course Directors

Dr. Alan Palmer, founder of Palmer Associates Inc., is an epidemiologist and respiratory physiologist with 30 years of experience in pulmonary function testing.  While in the U.S. Public Health Service he served with the Chronic respiratory Disease Control Program and with NIOSH, as Chief of the Epidemiology Field Survey Branch.  Dr. Palmer is currently a consultant to industry in the area of respiratory testing and quality control and is considered an authority in the area of respiratory health surveillance. Dr. Palmer has published extensively in the field of spirometry testing techniques, development of spirometry standards and occupational respiratory diseases.

Kendra Palmer Anderson, BA, CST  is the Course Director for Palmer Associates Inc. (PA). As the founder and former president of Fast Response onsite Testing (FROST), she oversaw the OSHA mandated medical examinations on workers and performed spirometry for hundreds of companies. Before that she worked as a certified spirometrist conducting spirometry testing in the field for PA and worked as a NIOSH approved Practicum Instructor for 15 years.

All Practicum Instructors are certified technicians, knowledgeable in spirometric instrumentation and test procedures.

Registration is refundable, less a 25% administration fee, only if notice is received at least 21 days prior to course date. The fee includes coffee and pastries and beverages both days. Course fee does not include hotel or transportation costs.

For more information on registration and course information, please phone our office at (831) 239 0422 or contact us by e-mail  to reserve a place in a course.


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