1. Identify those nurses who will be collecting spirometry data. Verify training.
  2. Identify the make and model of spirometers that will be used to collect data.
  3. Establish the spirometer program criteria that will be used for all spirometers in use.
  4. Establish testing criteria with Corporate Medical Director.
  5. Develop a written Standard Operating Procedure manual that all nurses must follow when performing the test. The manual will detail each step of the test procedure:
    • Spirometer – initial setup programming.
    • Calibration procedures and periodicity.
    • Testing : preparation and test procedure.
    • Quality Control checks.
    • Cleaning and sterilization procedures and frequency.
    • Avoiding cross contamination.
    • Who should be tested.
    • Record keeping requirements.
    • Establish procedures for emailing in records on a quartely basis.